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Carrot Town Garage Engine Rebuild - 1967 Plymouth Fury

Those of you who follow Carrot Town Garage will remember that we imported this 1967 Plymouth Fury about 2 years ago, and what a car it was!

This 4th generation Fury had a restyled body from it's predecessors - a sharper profile, more rounded headlights and an overall more luxurious appearance. In 1967 our Fury model was built around the new safety regulations that were introduced. This meant that our 1967 Plymouth Fury had dual-circuit brake master cylinders, recessed instrument panel controls, energy-absorbing steering columns and wheels, and shoulder belt mounting points for your front seat passengers.

As lovers of Classic American Cars, the team at Carrot Town Garage in March were over the moon to be able to work on a true American Classic car manufactured by Chrysler. So, imagine our surprise and delight when the Plymouth Fury returned to our garage a few weeks ago needing more work - although it wasn't under happy circumstances...

The Plymouth Fury was recently purchased from the last owner at the beginning of this year, by a lovely couple who wanted to enjoy the car to it's fullest; visiting Classic American car shows and enjoying long days out on the road.

Unfortunately, on one of their days out an electrical fault caused the car to misfire, created a spark which ignited the petrol fumes under the bonnet! Of course, this lead to their beloved Plymouth Fury to catch fire. Fortunately for them, the fire brigade arrived in record time and only the engine bay was damaged.


Fast forward a few weeks and the Plymouth Fury is back at Carrot Town Garage in March, waiting to be returned to her former glory. Over the coming weeks and months we will keep you updated on the progress of rebuilding the Fury, including the stripping down and rebuilding of the engine. Watch this space!


If you would like to get a quote for your Amercian Classic Car to be repaired or restored, or even if you'd just like to book your classic car in for a service, just give us a call on 01354 552427 and we'll be happy to help!

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