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The Carrot Town Garage Coolant Review

Last month we saw a record high of vintage cars and classic car restorations rolling into the Carrot Town Garage workshop in March, Cambridgeshire.

One of the beauties we had in the garage was a Corvette C5, which needed a few jobs doing, one of which was replacing the coolant it already had in it, for Evans Waterless Coolant. We also replaced the coolant hoses for silicone ones at the same time.

This Corvette C5 belonged to Julian, a committee member of the Classic Corvette Club UK, who is responsible for organising the CCCUK Annual National Summer Show. Julian says he uses his Corvette to drive everywhere, from a trip to the shops to an 800 mile drive to Monaco! Well - wouldn't you?


The Evans Coolant range is vast, but at Carrot Town Garage we tend to only use the Classic Cool 180 and the Vintage Cool 180 due to the fact that we mainly work with Classic American Cars and Vintage Cars from across the UK. The Classic Cool 180 Coolant has been used by several top car enthusiasts and celebrities, including making an appearance on Jay Leno's Garage, a web television series on NBC.

The Vintage Cool 180 coolant is perfect for cars which have components made from copper and brass - which as we know is definitely a factor in the vintage cars that we restore and service at the Carrot Town Garage workshop in March.

The winners of the 5th Peking to Paris Motor Rally, the longest and toughest drive out there for a vintage or classic car, admitted to using Evans Vintage Cool 180 in their Chevrolet Fangio. We're not surprised, and we're pretty sure many of the classic cars entering next years' rally will be running on Evans too! Find out more information here about the 8th Peking to Paris Rally being held next year - or why not enter yourself if you're feeling like an adventure?!

The Evans Waterless Coolant really is such a great product as it doesn't expand like water based products so less pressure on all those hoses, it doesn't boil like water based products so it makes engines runner cooler and more efficient and it lasts over 20 years! What can we say - we love it and so will your car!


If you'd like to get your classic car booked in for a service ahead of the summer months just give us a ring at Carrot Town Garage on 01354 552427 and our team will get you booked in.

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