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Plymouth Fury - the story continues...

Last month, we started the long journey towards the restoration of a 1967 Plymouth Fury, that we had first laid eyes on 2 years ago.

In our last blog, we saw the current owners returning the car to us after a fire caused major damage to the Fury - but nothing we couldn't handle at Carrot Town Garage of course! The next stage of the repair work comes now...

So far this month, our mechanics Matt and Fluff have disassembled the front of the Fury completely. This is usually the point with Classic American cars where we find nasty surprises, however there have been no major finds so far other than what we expected from the fire damage. As anyone who has stripped a car before will know, it's not just a case of getting a couple of screws out and giving the parts a wipe down. We took lots of pictures and then bagged and labelled everything before starting the refurbishment process. At Carrot Town Garage we have mentioned in previous blogs that we have had to adapt our way of thinking when it comes to working with some of our favourite American Classic cars, and the history we have with this Fury means we'll be even more careful to ensure everything is done right the first time.


Following the strip out, including complete removal of the engine and dismantling the front suspension, the first job to do was to give everything a good clean. We began by soda blasting the chassis and bulkhead before sending everything off to be re-painted.

All of the suspension components were blasted and resprayed before being refitted with new bushes and replaced back on the car...

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