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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

We have sold all the cars we imported as fast as they arrived but still had people calling us looking for Classic American Cars for sale in the UK. We were lucky to have a great relationship with a guy in New York who specialises in Corvettes and Mustangs but has dealt with many Classic American Cars over the years. Like other dealers we were using him to supply us with cars that he had for sale which was limiting both the number of cars we could buy and the number of cars he could supply. Rather than have him just supply cars he was selling, like everyone we offered him the chance to go and find the cars through local classified ads that were being sold privately allowing him to negotiate on the price and working on behalf of Carrot Town Garage.

This has opened up a whole new world of cherished cars that are available to us. Within the first few weeks of coronavirus restrictions being lifted in the US he had donned his face mask and gloves and gone out to view cars being offered by private sellers.

He was sending us pictures of Classic American Cars parked in people's garages with their automobilia on the walls and their toolbox neatly in the corner. These cars are cherished and all from long term ownership where they have led a pampered life. He does a full video walk around and chatted with the customer as if we were there with him and it is a really great experience. We got to hear from the seller the stories and memories of these cars and how due to age or other circumstances they have now decided to part with their American Classic Car.

Once a deal was struck each car was loaded onto his trailer as the owner waves goodbye knowing their time as custodian has come to an end and is now passed to a new owner to cherish.

This partnership has given Carrot Town Garage the opportunity to acquire some really lovely American Cars.

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