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Carrot Town Garage Updates & Events

"If a job is worth doing it's worth doing right!"

If you own, or have owned a classic American car you know that these cars were not that good when they left the factory let alone 50 years later. They were mass produced to a budget, but they were built simply and many different cars used the same components to keep costs down.

The biggest problem that we find with the Classic cars we receive at Carrot Town Garage, is that for 50 years so many different people have done various repairs to the car; many of them being bodge jobs. These Classic cars would have been owned by people who did home mechanics back in the day and when something stopped working they just ran a new wire to it directly for example.


Workshop update

We recently had a gorgeous custom 1975 Corvette in the Carrot Town Garage workshop, which had been fitted with a Viper alarm at some point in the 90's that ideally needed to be removed. We removed the dash pod to gain access and discovered that the custom shop had literally ripped the dash out and glued it back in place. The wiring was a mass of scotch locks, plastic connectors and electrical tape. Even the upgraded headlight motors had been scotch locked into the car's wiring loom! We basically had to remove and rewire the entire dashboard wiring loom, as the wiring was a fire hazard. We sorted the wiring then set about repairing the dash so it could be re-installed properly. Finally, the Corvette was delivered back to the customer who now had the piece of mind that his pride and joy was safe to enjoy.

So as you can see, most things are simple fixes and just take a bit of extra time, but the important thing is doing the job right in the first place.

Carrot Town Garage Car Club Update

Guess what - we're getting out on the road again!

Carrot Town Garage have our very own American Classic Car show booked on Sunday 25th July at Stonham Barns near Ipswich. Everyone is welcome and it will be so much fun to finally get out in our classic cars for the day! Stonham barns is a great location as they have lots of things going on and all facilities are on site. You can check out their website for more details:-

We're really excited for this and can't wait to get out and start doing car shows again. If you are putting your car on the display field entry is free for car and driver. Any subsequent passengers or walk in attendees are £10 on the gate.

We will keep you updated on the show via our website and through Classic American magazine, so stay tuned, and we'll see you soon!

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