Carrot Town Garage Keeps Growing

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

None of us could have predicted how quickly Carrot Town Garage would grow. In the past few months since the UK locked down for Coronavirus, we have been busy getting the workshop and service centre running and sourcing fresh stock for sale.

Upon easing of lockdown, the calls started coming from customers looking to have their American classic cars serviced or upgraded with new improved parts. Very quickly we were inundated with classic American cars however parts suppliers in the UK were not open, so we had to get parts shipped from the states. The efficiency of the courier services never ceases to amaze and despite the situation parts were steadily arriving. Rather than have customers come to us we collected and redelivered the cars to the customers whilst following the social distancing guidelines.

We have had several customers use our vehicle inspection service and post purchase we have had these cars into our workshop for minor repairs upgrades or even a full detail and valet.

In our previous news article, we said about a Mustang that we had inspected and negotiated on for a customer. The car has now been fully serviced in our workshop and has been given a full engine, body and interior detail and valet. The finished results are absolutely stunning, and the customer now has a car he can feel proud of.

More recently we have also had a stunning 1964 Buick Riviera in the workshop which again we had inspected for the customer and was not running when the previous owner sold it despite spending a small fortune on upgrades. We traced the fault to a wiring issue and got the car running much to the excitement of the new owner.

We have had an 86 Pontiac Trans Am in for front bonnet and rear tailgate struts and the owner has asked us to supply and fit new door seals and T top seals which we are waiting to arrive. Numerous Corvettes have been through the workshop with everything from headlight faults to faulty wipers to a stuck choke on a Quadra jet carburettor. Every day is something new which keeps it interesting and is certainly a lot more fun than plugging a scanner into a diagnostic socket and changing a plastic electronic box.

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