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Carrot Town Garage Car Club at the Sywell Classic 2020

Having had nearly all dates this year cancelled for car shows that the Carrot Town Garage Car Club were booked to attend, we had a last minute reprieve with the Sywell Classic. A quick date change to the September 19th weekend gave us the opportunity to invite our Carrot Town Garage Car Club members for a weekend jolly.

The Sywell Classic didn't disappoint, Although short notice we still managed to have 19 members attend the show. On the Saturday our stand had the red 1978 Chevrolet Corvette owned by Mark, the yellow 1981 Chevrolet Corvette owned by Derek and the 1966 Ford Thunderbird recently purchased by Alan and his wife who had brought the car to the show before heading off on a road trip to Sweden later in the week where they have relocated to (Story coming soon).

The weather on the Saturday was absolutely perfect and we had a day meeting lots of American car enthusiasts, many of whom had heard about Carrot town garage and were pleased to come over for a chat to find out more. One interesting story was a chap called Chris who had recently visited us looking for a Ford Mustang. Since visiting he had managed to procure a car and was excited to join the Carrot Town Garage Car Club. He was excited to show us his new purchase so we headed over to the display area. He had bought a beautiful 1966 Ford Mustang in Emberglo Poly which is a lovely deep bronze metallic. The car had a matching pony interior and all was in beautiful condition. . We will do a separate story on this later as it was really interesting.

The day was filled with events as there was drag racing, classic car and motorbike racing plus a barnstormer air display with wing walkers who were absolutely incredible to watch and I have to admit I have no idea how you even apply for a job as a wing walker let alone find someone brave enough to do it.

Day two was another beautiful day. On the Sunday we had on display the 1974 Chevrolet Corvette belonging to Steve and our freshly painted 1979 Pontiac Firebird on the stand. We were joined for the day by our new Mechanic Chris "Fluff", his wife Katie and the gorgeous Carrot Town Car Girl. It was another great day chatting to American car owners about their cars, discussing everything from classic american car servicing, classic American cars for sale, our Carrot Town Garage merchandise and how the enthusiasm for these classic american cars is growing.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended and we can't wait for the next show.

If you would like to come with us to a show why not join the Carrot Town Garage Car Club as a car owner member or an affiliate member.

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