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Classic Car Inspection Service

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Last week a customer used our vehicle inspection service to inspect a Corvette C3 he was looking to purchase. Our Workshop manager Chris headed down to view the car on behalf of the customer which was being sold by a dealer. The dealer had already explained a few faults on the car and Chris set about doing the inspection.

Unfortunately, Chris did find some other faults which were a little more serious and the customer decided not to proceed. A few days later the customer asked us to view a Mustang that was for sale with a private seller. Upon inspecting this car Chris found a couple of small faults which he explained to both the customer and the seller. The customer was happy to proceed so Chris negotiated with the seller on behalf of the customer and both parties came to a mutual agreement. Carrot Town Garage then collected the car on behalf of the customer and took it back to our workshop to rectify the faults and do a full service which the customer requested.

Our Classic Car Inspection Service

We all love the idea of owning a classic car but if you are not mechanically minded the idea of buying something can be quite daunting.

Our workshop manager Chris is available to go and inspect a car with you or on your behalf.

Chris has over 30 years’ experience of dealing with classic cars and is a wealth of knowledge.

Chris has grown up with cars as his Dad owned a Vauxhall dealership during the 1960s, 70s and into the 80s. Chris worked at the garage starting at ground level and working his way up. When the dealerships were sold, he opened a paint shop literally feet from where Carrot Town Garage is located today. His main business was classic cars and he used to project manage the painting of classic cars for many well-known vehicle restorers. After selling the paint shop, he returned to his love of classic American cars and started personally buying and selling. This led to meeting Stuart and the rest they say is history.

The one thing that needs to be taken into account when buying a classic car is that unless the car has had a nut and bolt restoration it is going to have faults. Parts will be worn, and it will always need some form of ongoing maintenance. The key is being realistic about the age of the vehicle and understanding what just normal wear and tear is and what is a more serious fault that will need fixing.

As Chris runs our workshop, he is usually able to offer a realistic estimate of any repairs that might be required. He can discuss these points with the buyer so they can make an informed decision on the purchase of the vehicle.

Should the buyer wish to proceed Chris can negotiate on the buyer's behalf with the seller and we can even arrange for the car to be delivered to the customer once funds have cleared.

The most important thing about owning a classic car is that it must be a fun experience. It is all about smiles per mile!

Prices for inspection start at £300

Please call Chris on 07885 226670

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