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Choosing the right oil for your Classic American Car

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

We are pleased to announce the partnership of Carrot Town Garage with Lucas Oil Products.

At Carrot Town Garage we wanted to offer our customers a product that is designed specifically for Classic American Cars and Trucks. We did a lot of online research, reading customer feedback for many different manufacturers before deciding on Lucas Oil Products. Founded in 1989 with the simple philosophy of producing only the best lubricants and additives available anywhere. Lucas Oil Products have grown into one of the leading specialist oil suppliers in the world.

We particularly liked the 20W 50 oil specifically designed for classic cars and that they do also offer a performance synthetic oil plus a hot rod and classic car oil.

Their range of additives and problem solvers were also of great interest. I'm sure we have all had that annoying drip from the engine seal or from the transmission seal. These are usually caused by shrinkage in the seals especially over the winter period when our classics are tucked away. Lucas Oil Products offers a range of additives to help lubricate seals and thus to help eliminate those annoying drips. We are not believers in snake oils but we have tried the transmission fix in our own Corvette and true to their claims that it "completely eliminates most seal leaks" the drip has virtually stopped, and the transmission shifts smoother than ever!

We will give more updates on the products as we and our customers put them to the test.

Give us a call if you would like more information or wish to book your car in and have the oil replaced with one designed specifically for it.

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