At Carrot Town Garage we have full facilities to maintain, service and upgrade your classic car. Although cars over 40 years old are MOT exempt, it’s still important to be confident that your classic car is safe and roadworthy. We can offer an MOT equivalent safety check for your car, so you know it's as safe as it was when it left the factory. We can also let you know of any issues that may need addressing in the future.

We understand that these classic cars are treasured possessions. So why not let us look after your pride and joy and keep it running as it should.

Our chief mechanic Bob has over 40 years' experience and understands how these classics work. Bob is also an incredible welder and fabricator so can often find a solution to solve any problem especially when replacement parts are no longer available.


We offer a sensible hourly rate and you can be assured your american classic car will be well cared for in our workshop. You can bring your car to us or we can collect it and deliver it back to you. March railway station is just a couple of minutes from our workshop, so we are easily accessible.


We can also upgrade your classic car. Why not fit a modern electronic ignition system such as those offered by Petronix or have the coolant replaced with Evans waterless coolant that stops internal corrosion, aids cooling and doesn't boil.

Unit 4

Norwood Road Industrial Estate

March, Cambridgeshire 
PE15 8QD

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